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Care Groups

Youth, children, Young Adult, Married, divorced, single... 

We are all people

and we all have a need for connection. 

At Lighthouse we love being intentional as a community. Connecting with one another through the good and the bad.. Encouraging each one of us on our journeys to come to the light of Christ, live in the light of Christ, and Be the light of Christ.  

During 'Covid', we are connecting online through Zoom.

Text 780-679-8717 for the link.

Tuesday 7:00 pm on Zoom
Come to the light
Live in the light
Be the light 

"Our world is desperately in need of - Lovers: people who are building deep genuine relationships with fellow strugglers on the way, and who actually know the faces of the people behind the issues they are concerned about." 

Shane Claibourne

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